195 King Street   Charleston, SC   29401   843-722-0631

A Charleston Tradition:

The stores on King Street have provided the highest quality merchandise and latest items of fashion for three centuries, not only to Charleston's affluent society but also to discriminating collectors around the globe. This legacy continues today with The Silver Vault of Charleston.

Located at 195 King Street, we strive to offer superior decorative arts, with an emphasis on silver and brass. Along with our sister shop, The Brass and Silver Workshop and its master silversmith, Alfred L. Crabtree, Jr., we combine fifty five years of experience to deliver comprehensive evaluations including style, maker, origin and construction.

Restoration & Evaluation:

Four criteria direct and govern shop acquisitions: craftsmanship, condition, rarity, and provenance. These criteria provide our clients with superb investment opportunities. Read More...

Historic Silver Collections:

French Silver Collection British Silver Collection American Silver Collection Continental Silver Collection

Decorative Arts:



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